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Info on Musicians associated with Leytonstone Folk - Links to their Music and More.

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Danny Jones

Folk Singer/Songwriter Hails from Liverpool



A Quartet of Dulcimer, Guitar, Fiddle and Percussion seeking to sing the stories that never made it into the history books.


Emma Scarr

Emma Scarr is a singer-songwriter from Leytonstone, East London, writing folk music with an Americana flavour - modern folk tales of everyday life and longings.She has released two solo albums to date, “Angel Way” and “Dusty Words and Motorways.” Her third album is written and awaiting production!


Danie Gilbert

Danie is a classical trained singer with a love of crunchy harmonies (technical term) especially those found in country and folk music. Danie has a few strings to her bow (pun intended) as she is an occasional pianist and more frequently found playing the uke at her Leytonstone-based baby and toddler music group, Little Sing Song. 

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